Remembrance Ceremony at Lochnagar Crater - 1st July 2024
01 Jul

On 1st July 2024, the annual ceremony commemorating the opening of The Battle of the Somme will take place at Lochnagar Crater. Please take your place at the crater by 7.15am as the ceremony will start precisely at 7.28am.

Attendees are invited to bring their own 'Metropolitan' whistles if they have one and also lay their own wreaths during the ceremony which should last around 30-40 minutes. Afterwards there will be short gatherings at George Nugent’s Cross and another at the joint memorials to the Nurses and VADs and Women of All Nations.

There are not expected to be any road closures around La Boisselle, but parking close to the site will be on a first come basis.

Further details can be found at the Lochnagar Crater Association

Image created by Lt Ernest Brooks. This photograph is @IWM Q1479 from the collections of the IWM - British troops running along the lip of the Lochnagar mine crater at La Boisselle, 23rd October 1916.


Lochnagar Crater , Lochnagar Crater Le cratère de la Boisselle, Rue de la Grande Mine, La Boiselle, France
Remembrance Ceremony at Lochnagar Crater - 1st July 2024,
01 Jul 2024 07:28