Two Day Event at Joncourt - A Tribute to Wilfred Owen
30 Sep

On the 1st October 1918, the 32nd Division was tasked with capturing Joncourt and the Beaurevoir-Fonsomme Line (Hindenburg Support Line) to the north-east of the village. After Joncourt had been captured, advancing with the 2nd Manchesters, Second Lieutenant Wilfred Edward Salter Owen took command of D Company after it’s commander was wounded, captured a machine gun and turned it on the Germans, inflicting considerable casualties on the defenders. For his conspicuous gallantry in this attack he was awarded the Military Cross.

On Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October, the village of Joncourt (4km north-east of Riqueval Bridge) and the Wilfred Owen Association will be holding a tribute to Wilfred Owen on the 105th anniversary of this action with a number of events taking place over the weekend. All events will be spoken in French, but the translations of the speeches on Sunday will be available on request

The Conference planned for the evening of Friday 29th September has been cancelled.

Saturday 30th September – At 6pm there will be a mass for the victims of all wars celebrated in St Martin’s Church which will be followed at 8.30pm by a concert in the church featuring the Maurice Ravel Choir from Ribemont.

Sunday 1st October – The main event of the weekend will be a ‘Tribute to Wilfred Owen and his Fellow Soldiers’ starting at 2pm in the village square. Speeches will be made in French (with English translation available), after which a parade will lead attendees to the Wilfred Owen Hall where a new plaque will be unveiled at 3.30pm. A number of exhibitions will be available to view throughout the village during the afternoon. Finally, at 6pm there will be a Cello Concert by Jacques Bernaert from the National Superior Conservatory and Dance Paris.

No bookings or reservations are required, but more information is available at L'équipe de l'Office de Tourisme du Pays du Vermandois

Images:© IWM Q101783 Wilfred Owen, © IWM Q9528 Battle of St. Quentin Canal. Troops going forward in Albion lorries near Joncourt, 9 October 1918. These photographs are from the collections of the Imperial War Museum. 

Joncourt, Rue des Rognons, 02420 Joncourt, France
Two Day Event at Joncourt - A Tribute to Wilfred Owen,
30 Sep 2023 18:00