Earn your 'No Barriers' medal

One hundred years after his death, the achievements of Walter Tull, the first man of black heritage to become an officer in the regular British Army and lead his men in battle, will be commemorated through an engagement project celebrating inclusive community action today.

We are inviting community groups from across the UK to earn their own No Barriers medal in 2018.

How to earn a No Barriers medal

  1. Commemorate Walter Tull (there are lots of ideas in our Tull100 resource pack)
  2. Work together (medals are awarded to groups not individuals)
  3. Connect with fresh faces and new people
  4. Hold a meaningful No Barriers conversation

Walter Tull’s life was extraordinary, and there have been many calls over the years to acknowledge his unique story. Born in Kent to a Barbadian father and local British mother, Tull spent his formative years in an east London children’s home. He went on to become one of Britain’s first black heritage professional footballers and a First World War hero rising through the ranks to become an officer despite the explicit restrictions to promotion at the time. He was killed in action at the second battle of the Somme in March 1918.

Tull100 has No Barriers as its central message, promoting equality and inclusion. The Walter Tull challenge launched on 26 March 2018, the day after the centenary of his death, and will activate through football teams, youth groups, schools and community networks across the country to undertake innovative projects.

Remember Walter Tull by doing the No Barriers medal challenge. Find out how to earn your medal, receive your free Tull100 resource pack and expenses reimbursements by emailing tull100@big-ideas.org or visiting big-ideas.org.

Tull100 is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and a National Lottery grant from the Big Lottery Fund.