The feedback about the accuracy of the tagging (or indexing) of the WFA's pension records of Fold3 suggests this has been completed to a very high standard, however there are inevitably - out of the millions of records - likely to be a small number of instances of the records being mis-transcribed. 

The transcription process involves every single record being reviewed and key data from the record extracted - this includes surname, regiment, regimental number, addresses plus other data. Quite often the handwriting on the record is very difficult to read and errors are likely. See the example below: 

This is a ledger for a man called 'Darby' - the original tagging (indexing) of this record was 'Darley'. The handwriting here is obviously far from clear. 

With the agreement of our partners Ancestry, we have set up a system whereby WFA members who use the 'Library Edition' of Fold3 via the WFA web site can submit details of possible mistakes they spot. 

Please note: If there are 'facts' that you know to be incorrect on the documentation (for example the man having an unrecorded middle name) but this is not detailed on the card or ledger, this is NOT something that it is possible to correct.

However if (for example) due to bad handwriting on the original card or ledger a field has been incorrectly indexed (or 'mis-tagged') when the record was digitised, this CAN be corrected. 

In summary, it is errors in the index which we are seeking rather than errors or omissions on the cards.

In order to submit a correction please click this link: FORM FOR CORRECTING A POSSIBLE ERROR ON FOLD3