We are mindful that we are constitutionally bound to hold an AGM by the 10th May 2020 but due to the unprecedented circumstances this make that requirement impossible to fulfil.

The predicted Government advice on public meetings and avoiding social contact is now official.

We have consulted the Charity Commission who have indicated that charities may exercise discretion given the current circumstances.

The WFA are still able to fulfil their obligation to provide an annual report and audited accounts to all members in the forthcoming Bulletin.

Members will be able to vote by proxy to approve the previous minutes and approve the accounts.

In any event, it may well have been the case that a large number of those who notified the Hon Secretary of their attendance would decide not to come by the time the 25th April occurs given a likely increase in coronavirus case and probable government advice by then.

Anyone who has paid for an AGM lunch will be refunded.
We are fulfilling the requirements of the AGM by providing an annual report and audited accounts.
We ask members to vote by proxy in the form enclosed in the Bulletin.
There are several important items on the form including approval of the annual report and accounts
and reappointment of auditors. In addition, members can submit questions about the annual report and accounts to the Secretary.
A written reply will be published in the next Bulletin.

The voting form can be scanned and emailed or sent by post to Steve Oram
Email:  secretary@westernfrontassociation.com 
By Post :  Spindleberry, Marlow Road, Bourne End Bucks SL8 5NL.