15 March

All Branches have been given the recommendation that they seriously consider cancelling meetings.

The welfare of attendees and speakers is the primary concern.

There are unlikely to be any meetings for the next few months.

Please double check with the event organiser using the contact details provided for every national and branch event listed. 

The situation has escalated rapidly even in the last couple of days and it is likely that the government will issue a directive on even small social gatherings - witness Italy/France/Spain.

This is already happening with several Branches cancelling.

14 March

Branches will be aware that the rapidly developing situation with the spread of Covid 19 is leading to many group gatherings being cancelled.

We need to follow official government advice on public gatherings but it would be best to err on the side of caution and postpone meetings if there is any risk of the spread of infection.

Our attendee demography is in the higher risk category.

Please contact the Branch Co-ordinator Garry Trown if you need any assistance in informing members if you are postponing your meetings.


Colin Wagstaff

Chairman. The Western Front Association. 


Image by Pixabay