We are delighted to announce by the time of closure of our 'Letter to the Unknown Warrior' project at 10pm on Tuesday evening we had received a wide range of thoughtful, knowledgeable and charming letters from around Great Britain. Students could imagine that they were a young person in 1920 who had lost a family member or friend in the war or they could write as themselves, a young person in 2020, explaining what the Unknown Warrior means to them today.

We have chosen ten letters to feature here.

We will be sending prizes to these students as well as a small thank you to all those who submitted letters and to their schools.

These prizes will be provided by The Western Front Association and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  

The students we are featuring (in alphabetical order by school) are:



Eloise Rawsthorne-Durand.       

Alleyne’s Academy, Stone

Richard Moore

Airdrie Academy, Airdrie

Edie Street

Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy, Croston

Saffiyyah Kazi

Eden Girls’ School, Waltham Forest

Rebecca Cobb

Hutchesons’ Grammar School, Glasgow

Gemma Christie

The King’s School, Chester

Imogen Aldridge

The King’s School, Chester

Estella Lally

The King’s School, Chester

Lily Ella Barnard

The King’s School, Chester

Shadman Razin 

Morpeth School, Tower Hamlets

Congratulations to all the students who entered and thank you to their teachers for supporting them.

We hope you enjoy their work. 

Eve Wilson

Education Trustee