Between June 1997 and March 2003 Len Sellers produced and edited a three-monthly magazine on the history of the Royal Naval Division, which from July 1916 was known as the 63rd (RN) Division. This excellent magazine eventually extended to 24 issues with a separate index for each eight magazines. The complete set contained 2,443 pages with 581 photographs, 75 maps and 71 poems.

Len kindly offered these to The Western Front Association and - reviewing the quality of what Len produced - we snapped his hands off.


Even if these magazines were available to buy (which they are not) they would surely be priced at a level which be much higher than the very modest cover price detailed on the front of these editions. If these were available at the original cover price, the face value of these 24 issues would be approaching £150. We are therefore delighted to be able to access to these magazines to be made available for free to all WFA members as part of the 'membership package' we offer. 

The original scans of the magazines were undertaken some years ago but with the improvements in technology we believed that some improvements to image resolution could be achieved. Over recent months we have therefore been re-scanning aspects of these magazines to ensure the best possible reading experience, either on a computer or as documents that can be downloaded and printed at home.

The results of this work is now available for all WFA members to access via the 'members area' on the association's web site, but to show the kind of material that is available we have chosen three pieces at random to enable any non-members reading this to see what is available.

The Royal Naval Division at Passchendaele 1917

Rupert Brooke - The Hood Battalion of the R.N.D.

I escape from Groningen!

To access these superbly produced and valuable magazines, simply log in to the 'members' area of the web site via this link MEMBERS LOG IN PAGE.