The fifth of the Virtual Tours is now available to view. These tours have been organised to enable members to have a 'battlefield visit' fix, despite the ban on international travel. 

These tours are being provided through a partnership with our friends at Battle Guide Virtual Tours. All six of the 'live events' have been completed and have met with wide-spread acclaim and are being made available to members to watch for free.

The penultimate tour looked at the actions around Épehy during the German 'Spring Offensive' of March 1918. The guide was Clive Harris. This virtual tour is now available for members - a short 'clip' of this is available below. Click the right pointing arrow in the bottom left corner of the image.

The full hour long virtual tour can be seen via the link at the foot of this page (note: this requires a sign on to The Western Front Association 'members only' area of the website)

For the men involved, the 21 March 1918 marked the high water mark of total war, in just over five hours over a million shells were fired before, under the cover of a thick blanket of fog, waves of storm troopers, assaulting and follow up divisions swarmed over the British lines. In the gentle rolling landscape between Villers Guislain and Épehy a number of outstanding last-ditch defensive actions took place and our virtual battlefield tour will study the South African Brigade at Gauche Wood, the Leicester's Brigade of the 21st Division in front of Pigeon Ravine and the eventual defence of the village of Épehy where cemeteries, memorials, bunkers, observation posts and the scars of war remain over a century on.

The full virtual tour is available to Western Front Association members only and is accessible via the 'members area' on the website.  In order to view this in full, you will need to log in to the website using your personal log in details. Once you have done so, simply click onto 'Virtual Tours' and then to the 1914 tour. Alternatively click on the link here The Spring Offensive