Stereoscope - The Western Front Association's collection of stereo images from the First World War now has two important new features.


This allows members to make a comment or observation about any of the images. When the Stereoscope thumbnail images are displayed you can now click on them to display the comments screen and you will see the comments displayed in date order (latest comment first). We want you to use this new facility to enhance the information that we have already recorded; you may know a precise location or can spot  a particular regiment from a cap badge say. Or you may be able to add to the details we have by giving a reference to another website or online article. Please share your knowledge and help others to increase theirs. To see an example of a comment that has already been posted enter “Bucy-le-Long” in the search term field on the Stereoscope filter screen and click Filter. When the thumbnail image is displayed click on it to view the comment and then click the link to the WFA Article.

View Colour

All of the stereoviews have been passed through an automatic colouring software that uses artificial intelligence to produce a colourised version.


Some of the results are amazing, though as clever as this software is it can never faithfully reproduce every colour exactly. We know that uniforms in particular may not always appear in the correct hues of a century or so ago but we believe that overall the colour effect can improve your appreciation of the image.

Try it out, click on a thumbnail to display it then click the View Colour button.

To use this facility simply log on to the WFA's website with your username and password.