By Helen Howarth

This year’s autumn competition for school invited students in Key Stage 3 students (12-14 year olds) to think about the roles animals played in the First World War. They were asked either to write a 500 word extract from a book in which the animal tells its story or to design the cover of a book featuring a First World War animal. We received stories of dogs, pigeons, elephants, camels, cats, canaries and even glow worms and a rat! 


Eve Wilson, Education Trustee 

Thumbnail image featuring 'Pigeon 498' by Helen Howarth

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Annie Mossford

Becky Chatwyn

Claudia Dale

Georgia Wilde


Maddox Akers

Bella Carlton-Bland

Emma Wilkinson

Sarah Zafa

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Helen Howarth

Mairead Biswas

Zoya Ali

Welshi Pollitt