We have recently announced a fantastic new way to search back over 130 editions of our journal 'Stand To!' as well as other magazines that have been digitized (Gun Fire, Firestep, The Royal Naval Division Magazines, Purnell's History of the Great War and our 'Military Factsheets)

Feedback from members has been exceptionally positive, here's just three sample remarks: 

'I have enjoyed working the searchable archive and would like express my appreciation for such a wonderful research tool. This opens up the extensive information you have obtained to us all. I am so pleased that I asked if you would consider my 24 issue R.N.D. publication. It is a great joy to me that in some small way my work will help the Royal Naval Division be remembered for years to come. Please thank all who helped in this excellent development. From a proud and delighted member.'

‘It is fantastic. Spent most of last week down various enthralling rabbit holes… been researching the role of music in conflict for some years now so found lots of really nice snippets by just searching really obvious key words. The Gun Fire archive has proved surprisingly bountiful.’ 

'I must congratulate you and everyone else involved in the creation of the database of back-issues of Stand To! and other WWI -related publications.  It really is superb and has made my archive of those publications redundant overnight!  The ability to search on a key word will save me hours of searching for that elusive article that I read many years ago and need to find in my archive.  It will also remind me of articles which I had completely forgotten about....The WFA continues to go from strength to strength and the digitisation of the publications to date is just another step along its path.'