We are delighted to announce that a new 'chapter' of recordings has just been started, with a new 'playlist' being created on our YouTube channel. The next (short) chapter covers what was called in the original 'I Was There!' publication 'The Antwerp Adventure'. 

The first video in this new chapter is entitled 'We brought Succour to Belgium' by Mary Sinclair

The original description, from the 'I Was There!' magazine sets up the piece as follows:

In September 1914 Antwerp presented a formidable obstacle to the German advance to the coast. The First Lord of the Admiralty, Mr Winston Churchill, had at his disposal a Marine Brigade and two more Brigades of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. He threw them into the defence of Belgium's key city and for some days their support was of the greatest value. But Antwerp was doomed. Early in 1914 May Sinclair, author of "The Divine Fire," put her pen aside and joined a voluntary field ambulance which went to succour the peoples and armies of Belgium. She writes of her work with her Ambulance Unit when Belgium was the melting pot of Europe.

These videos are being grouped (following the format in the original magazine) into 'Chapters' (on YouTube these are 'playlists') and can be seen here:

The War Clouds Break: July 29 - Aug 9 1914 Chapter/Playlist 1
Mons: The Going Up to Battle: August 9 - August 23, 1914 Chapter/Playlist 2
Mons: The Fighting Retreat: August 24 - September 6, 1914 Chapter/Playlist 3
The Marne and the Aisne: September 5 - September 22, 1914 Chapter/Playlist 4 
The Antwerp Adventure, September 25 - October 13, 1914 Chapter/Playlist 5

Obviously as more of these are recorded and published, these chapters will increase in number. 

PDF copies of the original I Was There! documents are available exclusively to members of The Western Front Association to download via the Members’ Portal.