A propeller from a first World War submarine which sank in Cork harbour has been recovered from the sea.

The 162 ft German UC-42 sank just off Roche’s Point in 1917, leading to the loss of all 27 crew.

In a career that totalling six patrols, operating from 1 January 1917, UC-42 sank fourteen vessels and also damaged a warship, HMS Carnation. 

The wreck of UC-42 was relocated fourteen years ago, in November 2010 by a team of Irish divers off Roche's Point Co. Cork. It was found with "little obvious explosive damage". A serial number stamped on one of the propellers allowed positive identification as the UC-42. 

Above: UC-42 (wikipedia)

Efforts at recovering the propeller have been going on for a number of months by divers and underwater archaeologists. On Monday 17 June 2024 it was brought aboard the MV Harpy dive boat from Kinsale. It is due to go on display at the Spike Island Museum in agreement with Cork County Council.

Above: The German submarine propeller discovered in Cork. (Irish Times)

Above: Two German Type UCII subs alongside Austro-Hungarian depot and accommodation ship AMPHITRITE at Gjenovic, Bocche di Cattaro, the southern Austrian base in the Adriatic Sea (wikipedia)