13 December 1914: Cpl Jean Claud Corraud

Jean Claude Corraud was born at Sarry, Saône-et-Loire on 29 March 1875

Location of Sarry, Saône-et-Loire, France (cc OpenStreetMap)

Jean Corraud was a member of the territorials at the time of the outbreak of war.

French soldiers at the start of the war

He transferred to the 168th Regiment d'infanterie at some point between 3 and 18 August 1914, Jean served for his whole war on the Argonne front from September 1914.

As part of the 2nd Battalion, he was killed in action during an attack in the Bois de Mort-Mare on 13 December 1914.

Nécropole nationale de Flirey, Lorraine, France. Première Guerre Mondial by François Bernardin (CC 2009)

Jean is now buried in the Necropole Nationale at Flirey.

Gravestone of Jean Claude Corraud courtesy of Geneanet

1195 Cpl Jean Corraud, 168 RI.

KIA 13 December 1914.


Research by David O'Mara