22 September 1916 : Capt James Knowles Bertram

James Bertram was born 6 December 1889 Dundas, Ontario, Canada.

Location of Dundas, Ontario, Canada (cc OpenStreetMap)

Parents, Scottish born Dr Thomas Bertram and New York born, Scottish, Jean (née Knowles). James was their only child. 

McGill's first medical building 1872-1906

James was a student in medicine at McGill University and the Royal Military College of Canada prior to his enlistment. He had also seen four years service in the Militia by the time of the outbreak of war. Enlisting at Toronto on 13 November 1914, he was immediately appointed Captain and adjutant of the 20th Bn and seconded to the HQ of the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade upon his arrival in France in early 1915. 

Staff Captain James Knowles Bertram died 22 September 1916    Image: Canadian Great War Project

James served with this unit throughout in the role of Staff Captain until his death east of Courcelette (Somme) on 22 September 1916.

Cimetière militaire britannique, Albert Communal Cemetery Extension 3 YBroc CC SA BY-4.0

He is buried in Albert Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme.

Capt James Knowles Bertram, 20th Bn CEF.

22 September 1916

Research by David O'Mara

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