26 July 1915 : 1156 Chasseur Paul Marie Damon, 22e BACP.

Born at Souternon (Loire) on 26 July 1882.

Map identifying the location of Souternon derived from: France location map-Regions and departements-2015CC BY-SA 4.0

Paul was re-called to service on 12 August 1914 with the 22nd Battalion Alpin de Chasseurs รก Pied (renamed to Battalion Chasseaurs Alpin in 1916).

Serving in the Vosges/Alsace throughout his Great War service, he was wounded in action on 26 July 1915 (his 33rd birthday) and died in ambulance 4/53 at Bussang on that same day.

Paul's body was repatriated to his home town, post-war.

26 July 1915 died of his wounds

Research by David O'Mara