30 October 1914 : Sdt Claude Thomas Charrondiere

Born on 26 December 1886 Roanne, Loire.

Claude recalled reservist in August 1914, he initially re-joined his original unit (90e RI) before being transferred to the reserve battalion of the 98e RI. He first saw action in the battles in Alsace in August 1914 before taking part in the Battles of the Marne and the Aisne in September.

Claude was wounded in action during the attacks on the Nouvron Plateau in October 1914 and died in a casualty clearing station at Vic sur Aisne on 30 October 1914. Possibly returned home for burial, Claude's grave location is unrecorded.

1697 Sdt Claude Thomas Charrondiere, 298e RI.

30 October 1914

Research by David O'Mara