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Empires at War 1911 - 1923 Edited by Prof. Robert Gerwarth & Erez Manela


OU Press 17 August 2015 pp.243 ISBN 9780198734932 When I sit down to read about the First World War, I usually grab a map of the Western Front. With Empires at War, you need a globe. This is the best way to picture a world war. Empires at War 1911 - 1923 declares its scope,‘the organised mass violence of war had not ended; it had only shifted…

Ep. 327 – The Atlas of the Irish Revolution and Cork – Dr John Borgonovo


Dr. John Borgonovo takes us on a captivating journey through the Irish Revolution with a particular focus on its impact in Cork. The discussion revolves around 'The Atlas of the Irish Revolution,' a landmark publication that offers a uniquely accessible perspective on this transformative period. …