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'From Private to Major via the Foresters Arms': The life, death and rediscovery of Octavius Darby-Griffith, MC


British visitors to the south of France will often take the A26 'Autoroute des Anglais' out of Calais. Some 140 miles down this autoroute, they will see on a prominent hill to the right the towers of the medieval cathedral at Laon. Some may turn off the autoroute to pay a visit, others will press on towards Rheims and further south. If the opportu…

Tolkien’s War: J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lancashire Fusiliers by Professor John Bourne


Tolkien is, to the consternation of many in the literary establishment, possibly the most widely read of twentieth-century British authors, whose sales show no sign of slacking.  Tolkien volunteered for military service in June 1915 and was commissioned in the Lancashire Fusiliers.  He served on the Somme with the 11th Battalion (74 Brigade, 25th D…

The Camera Returns No.56 by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy


This item first appeared in Stand To! No. 74 September 2005 p.54. All these articles can be enjoyed by WFA Members using their Member Login and then browsing the entire Stand To! Archive of 116 publication.   Taken on a clear October morning in 1918, this fairly well-known photograph, IWM Q7111, [Top Image of Two] shows men of the 20th Bn, M…