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ONLINE: 'Tommy French: How Tommies turned French into slang' by Julian Walker


Caption: British and French soldiers playing cards at a family-run Estaminet (Courtesy IWM Q 53337) About this talk: This examines how the Tommy, far from home on the Western Front, communicated with his new neighbours and how they coped with being in a land where they either knew no French, or found the little French they did know useless. This t…

'Effin' and Blindin' on the Western Front' by Prof Mark Connelly


About the talk: Mark returns to Petts Wood with a lively, amusing and informative study of swearing and blasphemy in the BEF, exploring in all its glory the richness and humour of Tommy's everyday Profanosaurus, 1914-1918.  About the speaker: Mark Connelly is Professor of Modern British History at the University of Kent. His main research interest…