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A Farewell to the Army Service Corps: The story of 'another' Ernest on the Piave


Many of those with a passing interest in the First World War may be familiar with the semi-autobiographical account 'A Farewell to Arms' written by Ernest Hemingway which was first published in 1929. This tells the story of the activities of a soldier of the American Red Cross (in effect a thinly disguised Hemingway) on the Italian front in 1917-18…



  This is a Physical Meeting. which we will stream  To receive a link please email   BATTLE OF NONNE BORSSCHEN 11TH NOVEMBER B1914    VERN LITTLEY  Vern's talk is about the Battle of Nonne Bosschen and in particular the guns of 41st Brigade Royal Field Artillery and how they stopped the advance of the Prussian Guard on th…

'Travels Along The Italian Front' - Tom Isitt


We shall welcome Tom Isitt to Hatfield Peverel on Wednesday 10th of January to receive his presentation on the Italian Front.  Tom supplements the historic detail of the various actions through the War with fantastic current day photos of the positions held by both sides , often perched on precarious peaks along the mountain ranges on the border be…

Peculiarities of the war in Italy with Dale Hjort


We welcome Dale to our branch for his presentation 'Peculiarities of the war in Italy'. A number of local Ox & Bucks Battalions fought in Italy during 1918 and our photo, with acknowledgement to the CWGC, is of the Boscon Cemetery on the Asiago Plateau where a number of local men are buried.