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'The Blockade' by Graham Kemp


Graham Kemp will be giving a talk about the economic blockage on German and its impact on the German people and the German war effort.  Dr Kemp is an assistant manager and tour guide at Lancaster Castle. He is also an amateur naval historian who has researched the Allied blockade for the past forty years, and has given many talks on the Great War.…

'The Blockade of Germany 1914 -18' with David Thompson


David Thompson will be giving a talk on The Blockade of Germany 1914 -18 IMAGE: The hunger strikes in Berlin. A delicatessen shop in Invalidenstrasse in Berlin is being plundered by the mob. (C) IWM Q 110881 

Ep. 63 – Blockade, economic warfare and the use of hunger during the Great War – Sir Hew Strachan


Sir Hew Strachan, patron of The Western Front Association and Professor of International Relations at the University of St Andrews, delivers a lecture on blockade, economic warfare and the use of starvation during the Great War. This lecture was recorded at The Western Front Association's AGM in London last month. …

Ep.250.pt2 – The Western Front – Prof Nick Lloyd


Dr Nick Lloyd, Professor of Modern Warfare at King’s College London, talks about his recent book The Western Front. Your browser does not support the audio element. He considers the impact of the learning process/curve, why the Allies won…