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004: Spring 1982


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Betrayed Ally: China in the Great War by Frances Wood and Christopher Arnander


Reviewed by Phil Curme. Although Chinese labourers were active on the Western Front throughout WW1 - and afterwards - many will be unaware of the full breadth that nation’s involvement. Betrayed Ally is an ambitious attempt to tell the history of foreign intervention in Chinese affairs, military actions in the Great War against German interests in…

Empires at War 1911 - 1923 Edited by Prof. Robert Gerwarth & Erez Manela


OU Press 17 August 2015 pp.243 ISBN 9780198734932 When I sit down to read about the First World War, I usually grab a map of the Western Front. With Empires at War, you need a globe. This is the best way to picture a world war. Empires at War 1911 - 1923 declares its scope,‘the organised mass violence of war had not ended; it had only shifted…

Ep.238 – China and the Great War – Frances Wood


Author Frances Wood talks about her recent book, Betrayed Ally, China in the Great War, that she wrote jointly with Christopher Ardnander.


Frances tells how in 1912 the Qing Dynasty had end…