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A talk by Greg Baughen 'From Flying Dreadnought to Dogfighter - the troubled birth of the British Fighter'


Greg has been researching the history of British and French air forces for over 40 years with a focus on how air power developed in both countries.  He has written several books and published numerous articles.  He will be bringing some of his books along to the meeting for sale. image: a sketch of a Bristol F.2B fighter biplane in flight, seen fr…

'From Flying Dreadnought to Dogfighter - The Troubled Birth of the British Fighter' - Greg Baughan


On Wednesday 11th of October we welcome Greg Baughan to our Hornchurch venue, to present his first talk to the Essex Branch. This talk destroys many myths about WW1 fighter development. Part talk, part detective story, it explains how the importance of air superiority was understood long before the Great War began, explores how naval influence dela…