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Ep. 134 – Bairnsfather’s Better ‘ole' cartoon – Dr Helen Brooks & Dr Pip Gregory


On this week’s Dispatches podcast, Dr Helen Brooks, Reader in Theatre and Cultural History, School of Arts, and Dr Philippa Gregory, History HPL Tutor, both from the University of Kent, talk about Bruce Bairnsfather’s famous ‘Other ‘Ole’ cartoon and its impact and resonance during the Great War and after. …

More Deadly Than War: the hidden history of the Spanish flu and the First World War by Kenneth Davis.


Henry Holt & Co 304 pages Reading age 12 -18 years Walt Disney. Age 16 in 1918 Walt Disney had an older brother Roy in the navy and like his 17 year old brother Russell he was eager to enlist. Clearly underage they were turned away. Learning that 17 year olds could join the Red Cross Walt persuaded his mother to sign some release papers, t…