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The Low Moor Munitions Factory Explosion


Monday, August 21 in 1916 was a fine and sunny day, but would be remembered in the area of Low Moor - which is a small town to the south of Bradford, in West Yorkshire - for many years. However, over the decades, the memories of this day have faded and the unimaginable horror that took place is now largely forgotten. A clue as to the events of thi…

'Sights to make angels weep' - Halifax, Nova Scotia, 6 December 1917. Presentation by Nigel Crompton


On a crisp winter morning, the Canadian city of Halifax and surrounding area was devastated by an explosion. Two boats had collided. One was a floating arsenal of explosives. The dead number thousands, but then nature took a hand in the tragic incident. All will be explained by Nigel. His presentation includes numerous facts, plans and photographs.…