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'Food Glorious Food' with Pat Adamson


Food Glorious Food - Pat Adamsom     Pat will be looking at the food that sustained Tommy in the trenches and hopefully will be able to produce some of the recipes so that you can taste the food that won the war.    Both WFA and non members alike are welcome to this interesting evening, we ask for a modest £4 donation on the door to defray cost…

Ep. 136 – Food in the Trenches – Dr Rachel Duffett


Dr Rachel Duffett, Research Officer, Department of Sociology at the University of Essex, talks about on her recent book the Stomach for Fighting that looks at food and the British Tommy during the First World War. 

The Stomach for Fighting: Food and the Soldiers of the Great War with Rachel Duffett


Food is critical to military performance, but it is also central to social interaction and fundamental to our sense of identity. The soldiers of the Great War didn't shed their eating preferences with their civilian clothes and the army rations, heavily reliant on bully beef and hardtack biscuit, were frequently found wanting. Nutritional science o…