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Memories of Verdun by Francois Wikart


The following article is based on the recollections of General Caloni and recollections of the authors’ grandfather’s experience of Verdun.  Most people know the battle of Verdun started on the 21st February 1916. The city lies on both banks of the River Meuse in North-eastern France. In 1916 the fortress of Verdun was stripped of its guns and …

Ep. 225 - The Battle of Verdun 1917 and the battlefield today - Christina Holstein


Historian and author Christina Holstein about her research into the 1917 Battle of Verdun and the battlefield today.


'The Battle of Verdun' - Christina Holstein


The Essex Branch, in recent memory, has not addressed the Battle of Verdun, something we are putting right with the visit of Verdun expert Christina Holstein to our Hornchurch venue. What was the thinking behind the German offensive of February 1916 and why was Verdun chosen? A thundering opening bombardment brought early success but French determ…