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British Corps Commanders in the Great War


As identified by Andrew Simpson in his PhD thesis,[1] there is remarkably little written about British Corps command in the Great War and for this reason the role of Corps is possibly not as clear as it should be. Although falling outside the scope of this article, it is clear that in the latter years of the 19th Century and the early years of the …

Rodney Attwood - 'General Lord Rawlinson in the First World War'


This talk is based on Rodney's research for his biography of Rawlinson (General Lord Rawlinson: From Tragedy to Triumph) Rawlinson won praise from historians of the Western Front, such as C R M F Cruttwell, particularly for 4th Army's role in 'The Hundred Days' of 1918. A former colleague wrote on his death in 1925, 'His loss to the Army is absolut…