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'The Blockade' by Graham Kemp


Graham Kemp will be giving a talk about the economic blockage on German and its impact on the German people and the German war effort.  Dr Kemp is an assistant manager and tour guide at Lancaster Castle. He is also an amateur naval historian who has researched the Allied blockade for the past forty years, and has given many talks on the Great War.…

'German War Birds' with Graham Kemp


German War Birds by Graham Kemp Our Branch Chairman Graham Kemp will give his new talk on the German Air Service in the Great War.  At the same time he is going to say farewell to the branch as he is moving and relinquishing his role as Branch Chairman Graham's talks are always informative and entertaining and he invariably finds some great stori…

HYBRID ONLINE/LIVE MEETING: The U-Boat Campaign and Experiences 1914-18 by Graham Kemp


This is an experimental hybrid meeting which will be 'live' and 'online' at the same time. It will be streamed live into zoom from the branch event which will be taking place in York on Saturday 14 August at 2.30pm UK time.  This presentation by Graham Kemp begins with essential differences between U-boats and Submarines, as different conceptions …

ONLINE: The Royal Flying Corps on the Western Front


The presentation will be live and online.  The talk by Graham Kemp examines the experiences of the men who served in Royal Flying Corps over the Western Front. From its early days, when your greatest danger was the plane, to the later years of trying to drive the German air force from the skies. Drawing from personal experiences and anecdotes…

'The Austro Hungarian Navy in the Great War' with Graham Kemp


Graham Kemp will be looking at the Austro Hungarian Navy in the First World war.  All branch members will know Graham, our previous Branch Chair, and most will have heard Graham talk before. Graham's talks are always informative and entertaining; this one covers a little known aspect of the Great War.

'The Austro-Hungarian Front 1914-1918' by Graham Kemp


Graham Kemp has been a historian of the Great War for the past 40 years. Graham is a retired tour guide/museum manager at Lancaster Castle, as well as an ex teacher and an ex chair of Lancs (North). He is an experienced speaker, from Castle outreach and WFA talks to addressing international conferences on his doctorate subject of Peace and Int…

‘The U-Boat Campaign 1914-18’ – Dr Graham Kemp


Historian Dr Graham Kemp’s presentation introduces the essential differences between U- boats and submarines and examines the different kinds of U Boats used in the First World War. He then looks at how Germany first planned to use them and how they, almost by accident, developed them into a deadly raider. The talk will then cover the U boa…