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14 March 1915 : Pte Harold Whitehurst


Parents William (a lamplighter for the British Gas Co.) and Mary. Married 20 years they had eight children ages 19 to 2 at the 1911 Census. Harold was the 4th child. Age 14 Harold was at Trinity House School, Hull. The family lived in at 31 Cove Street, Beverly Road, Hull. After leaving school Harold was apprenticed to Messrs. Wright & B...

Eton Street 'Shrine' in Hull and the loss of the Earl


At the corner of Eton Street and Hessle Road in Hull stood until recently a branch of the Yorkshire Bank. As with most cities, the closure of bank branches has accelerated in recent years leading to further declines in local services. This is nothing new - this area of Hull has been subject to changes and ‘slum clearances’. It was during these...