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Ep. 82a – Extra Episode – The Capture of the Riqueval Bridge – Jim Tanner


Former Brigadier Jim Tanner, current Chairman of Trustees at the Staffordshire Regimental Museum, talks about the capture of Riqueval Bridge over the St Quentin Canal by the 46th Midland Division, the centenary of which is being commemorated on Saturday 29 September 2018 at a ceremony on the bridge. At this ceremony, the memorial placed there by Th…

ONLINE: Lawrence and the Arab Revolt with Jim Tanner


The presentation will be live and online.  While the reasons are many and complex the decision made by the Ottoman Turks in October 1914 to enter the war against the Entente led directly to the turmoil that continues to affect the Middle East today. Back then, seeking to take advantage of the Turks being distracted elsewhere, the Arabs of the …