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Stand To ! No. 121 Recently Published


Contents  Communication Lines 2–6  A Bridge Too Many on the Oise by Michael Carragher 7–11  A Short Spell on Mudros and Helles by Barbara Meredith 12–18  Another Lonely Anzac 1394 Private H V Meston 9th Battalion AIF by Paul Cobb 19–21  The Camera Returns (102) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall 22–23  A Fascination for Flora Along the Western …

Hindenburg, Ludendorff and Hitler: Germany’s Generals & the Rise of the Nazis by Alexander Clifford


(Pen & Sword, 2021) £25.00, 368 pages, notes, sources, b/w photos and index. ISBN 978–1526–78333–2 Buy a copy here >  Marshal Ferdinand Foch generalissimo of the Allied armies in the final year of the Great War, reportedly condemned the terms of the subsequent Versailles settlement as ‘Not a peace treaty, but an armis…

Memoirs of the Great War: Complete and Unabridged, Volume I


Legacy Books Press, (2022) £20.95, 472 pp. maps, b/w photos and index ISBN 978–1–927537– 65–7 It would be difficult to think of a person more suited to command the French army in the first months of the Great War than Joseph Joffre. At a time when all about him were losing their heads, occasionally literally, Joffre kept his. His refusal to acce…