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A talk by John Tanner 'Nonne Boshchen - 11 November 1914'


This talk¬†explores the day the Prussian Guard almost broke the BEF line at Ypres. They were halted by XLI Brigade Royal Field Artillery firing over open sights, supported by their drivers and gunners acting as infantry, until a counter-attack by the 52nd Light Infantry and 5th Field Coy. Royal Engineers, restored the line. John Tanner's l…

TALK RESCHEDULED FROM MAY 'Gallipoli - a photographic tour concentrating on Cape Helles' a talk by John Tanner


This talk will feature a selection from the speaker's extensive collection of images relating to the Gallipoli campaign with a focus on the fighting at Cape Helles.¬† The speaker, John Tanner, who was the founder of the WFA Ox and Bucks branch like many of us had his interest in the First World War sparked by a family connection. In his case it was…