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Sdt Augustin Joseph Louis Victorin Trébuchon, 415e RI.


The last French soldier to be killed in action during the Great War, Augustin was born on 30 May 1878 in the small farming village of Montchabrier (Lozère), Languedoc-Roussillon. The eldest of five children, Augustin was orphaned during his teenage years and, prior to enlistment in his compulsory military service, worked as a communal shepherd in o…

Legal (and other) aspects of killing people in the Great War


Our February talk will be a new talk on the WFA speakers' circuit having its first presentation at this meeting. Local member Jeremy Holt will speak on "Legal (and other) aspects of killing people in the Great War". With Jeremy's professional background in law, this will be a thought provoking insight into an aspect of the Great War that the branch…