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Stand To! No.1 to No.133 Full Contents Listing


Stand To! 1-133 Content Stand To  1 Spring 1981 Editorial Notes (Peter T. Scott) Serving members of the Western Front Association Early Days, New Paths and Acknowledgements Inaugural Meeting: John Terraine's Address. Historian John Terraine berates those who indulge in ‘purely tragic pilgrimages to the Western Front’. The Loving Care of the…

Ep. 96 – Lawrence of Arabia – Dr John Peaty


Military historian Dr John Peaty talks about Lawrence of Arabia.

ONLINE: Lawrence and the Arab Revolt with Jim Tanner


The presentation will be live and online.  While the reasons are many and complex the decision made by the Ottoman Turks in October 1914 to enter the war against the Entente led directly to the turmoil that continues to affect the Middle East today. Back then, seeking to take advantage of the Turks being distracted elsewhere, the Arabs of the …

‘Lawrence of Arabia: Man, Movie and Myth’ – John Peaty.


Lawrence was probably the most remarkable officer to have served in the British Army during the Great War, and the most famous. What most people know about Lawrence and the Arab Revolt is derived from an epic 1962 movie, which is great cinema but poor history. Dr Peaty will try to disentangle the man from the myth, examine the various portrayals of…

The Armchair General World War One – Can You Win the Great War? by John Buckley and Spencer Jones


(Century, 2023) £10, HB, 423 pagesISBN 978-1-529901-016  An eye-catching front cover. A publication date at the end of October. A book dealing with ‘what ifs?’ or so-called counterfactual history. Surely this is a book aimed at the ‘gifting’ market and not serious military history. However, as the adage goes, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’  F…