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Ep. 73 – Learning to Fight – Military innovation in the British Army 1914-1918 – Dr Aimee Fox


Dr. Aimee Fox, Lecturer in Defence Studies at King's College London, talks about her new book Learning to Fight. This looks at military innovation in the British Army during the First World War and is published by Cambridge University Press. You can read a review of 'Learning to Fight' here > 'Learning to Fight'  …

Learning to Fight: Military Innovation and Change in the British Army, 1914–1918 by Aimée Fox


Cambridge University Press, £ 27.20, e–book: £20.28, 290pp, bibliog, index. ISBN: 978–110–719–079–5 Based on the author’s PhD thesis, Learning to Fight is divided into two sections. The first, (about one third of the volume), deals with the culture of learning in the British Army in the years leading up to the war and how that changed during th…