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Ep. 164 – The First Gurkha Officer – Pratap Chhetri


Pratap Chhetri talks about his research into Rana Jodha Jung Bahadur, the first Gurkha officer in the British Army during the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element. Dr Tom Thorpe [TT] : Welcome to ‘Mentioned in Dispatc…

'Stanley Finch - A Medic at Gallipoli' - Karen Dennis


At the Hatfield Peverel venue, on this occasion we look at the wartime service of one man. Chelmsford man Stanley Finch served in 88 Brigade (TF) Field Ambulance, part of the 29th Division. He served on Gallipoli, amongst others, and had a photo album which was ultimately donated by his family to the Essex Regiment Museum. Essex Branch Memorial Of…