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How Norland’s Regiment of Nannies coped with conflict and childcare in the Great War.


By Louise Heren, published by Pen & Sword, 2016. The Forewords are by HRH Crown Princess Marie-Chantel of Greece, and Liz Hunt, the present Principal of Norland College. We have read about Tommies in the Great War as well as experiencing their stories on stage and screen, plus the officers, junior officers and even animals, but Nannies? This...

Ep. 53 – Nannies and the Great War – Louise Heren


Author and historian Louise Heren talks about her book on Nannies and the Great War (published by Pen and Sword). Your browser does not support the audio element.

The Battle of George Square + AGM


'In 1919 Glasgow was gripped by strikes – would revolution come to Scotland?  To keep the peace would the police be able to control the demonstrations and the violence that accompanied it, or would the civil authorities need the assistance of the military?  Tanks were sent north, and troops were deployed in the city, but were they used to contro...

'Not part of the BEF' with Louise Heren


Louise will be talking about the British perspective of the First World War through journalists and eye witness accounts of the early days of the Great War. Featured image: Summer has been turned into winter by Ernest Brooks. National Library of Scotland License: CC BY 4.0