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The Camera Returns No.26 by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall


[This article first appeared in Stand To! No.44 in September 1995. Members receive the magazine three times a year and have access to the entire archive.]   Views of the battlefield after the third Battle of Ypres, 1917. A soldier look across devastated country near Ypres showing a derelict Mark IV Tank, shell-splintered trees and general batt…

'Deborah the Tank - a Friend Making Machine' with Fiona Graham


'Deborah' (D51) was a British Mark IV Female tank, knocked out during the battle of Cambrai in 1917 and subsequently buried as infill of a crater in the village of Flesquières in France. Rediscovered and excavated in 1999, it is now the centre piece of a small museum in the village. Fiona Graham will be discussing the history of this particular tan…