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‘Understanding’ The 1991 Presidential Address delivered by the Honorary President John Terraine


[This article first appeared in Stand To! 34 Spring 1992 pp7-12] I think I have to begin with an apology today. It is addressed to any of you who may have come to this meeting hoping that they would be hearing about the Aisne, the Department of Northern France named after a quiet, pretty river, noted for its fishing, which in 1914 became the scene…

The Quintinshill Rail Disaster


David Carter                                       The Quintinshill Rail Disaster The Quintinshill Rail Disaster happened on 22nd May 1915.  This talk examines the events surrounding the multi-train rail crash near Gretna just over the Scotland/England border from Carlisle.  With over 220 dead, it remains the worst crash in British rail history.  …