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‘General Joffre’ The 1994 Presidential Address, delivered by the Honorary President John Terraine


[This article first appeared in Stand To! 42 January 1995 pp6-12] The more you study the Great War, the more you can see that it falls into two definite parts - so distinct that they might almost be different wars. The turning point is the end of 1916 and the beginning of 1917. The first part of the war was when the great armies - greater than any…

31 January 1915: Pte Henry Arthur Nicholls


Son of James Nicholls. He was educated Highfield Road School and initially worked as a machinist.  29 June 1913 he married Helen (née Ware) at St.Stephen's Church, Walworth. They lived at 178, Westmoreland Road, Walworth.  Henry enlisted 30 June 1910 in the Coldstream Guards. Come the war Henry was called up and went to the Front with his…