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The Cavalry at Monchy-le-Preux


The Battle of Arras started on 9 April, Easter Monday,¬† 1917. The most famous action in this battle is the storming of the heights of Vimy Ridge by the Canadian Corps on the left of the British attack.¬†Success elsewhere on the front was good, if not quite so spectacular. Cyril Falls (who wrote the volume of the Official History covering 1917) state…

"The Assault on infantry hill & the 10 men who saved Monchy-le-Preux" by Richard Burgess


In the spring of 1917 Field Marshal Haig launched an offensive to the East of Arras using the 1st & 3rd British Armies. 88th Brigade, as part of the 29th Division, attacked Infantry Hill at 05.30hrs behind a creeping artillery barrage. Two battalions of the Essex & Newfoundland Regiments were at the forefront, but how different were their e…