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The Cavalry at Monchy-le-Preux


The Battle of Arras started on 9 April, Easter Monday,¬† 1917. The most famous action in this battle is the storming of the heights of Vimy Ridge by the Canadian Corps on the left of the British attack.¬†Success elsewhere on the front was good, if not quite so spectacular. Cyril Falls (who wrote the volume of the Official History covering 1917) state…

"The assult on infantry hill & the 10 men who saved Monchy-le-Preux" by Richard Burgess


Details of talk to follow. Richard has a lifetime of law enforcement and Intelligence work behind him. He has worked covertly at national and international level within the intelligence community and on covert serious and organised crime investigation and disruption. In 2017 Richard was honoured by Prime Minister May having been nominated for the …