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ONLINE: 'From Disaster to Triumph. Saving life and limb on the Western Front' by Tom Scotland


Image: Surgeon George Gask operating at Canadian CCS 2 at Remy Siding in 1917 About this online talk: In 1914, the real treatment of wounds didn't start until the soldier arrived at the base hospital, a journey which sometimes took days. Anaesthesia was poor, surgical methods were inefficient, resuscitation almost unheard of. Not surprisingly, man…

Andy Robertshaw reveals secrets of the making of 1917


Hear about the making of the film 1917 Military historian, author and broadcaster Andy Robertshaw will reveal the secrets of the making of the film 1917 in an online presentation to members of the Central Ontario Branch on Sunday, Dec. 6, 10:30am (EDT). Follow this link to register for the event.

ONLINE: "Let the Zeppelins Come, I Don't Care" with David Marks


Germany's aerial bombing campaign against Britain was an unprecedented development in warfare. The civilian population found itself on the front line for the first time, and the public's anger, frustration and demands for retaliation were tempered by a remarkable resilience. This was expressed with humour through the medium of the humble picture po…

ONLINE: Two sides of the same coin: the Newfoundlanders and Maoris at Gallipoli with Ian Binnie and Vincent Gray


When the First World War broke out Newfoundland and Maoris enthusiastically signed up to serve. Many shared the same belief: that military service would bring favourable recognition to their country or people. Thinking they were going to fight the Germans, the first contingents served in Gallipoli instead. Ian and Vince will outline the political c…