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“The War on the Wire – The story of signalling in the Gallipoli Campaign” - Clive Harris


  We welcome Clive Harris back to Hornchurch for his most recent talk about Gallipoli. Clive is well known to WFA members through the Battle Honours tour company. Before this and a spell in the Hertfordshire Police, Clive spent several years in the Army, specifically with the Royal Corps of Signals.  This talk therefore combines his professional …

"The British Army in Mesopotamia" by Dr Paul Knight


The Mesopotamia Campaign is one of those little known ‘sideshows’ but with a ‘ration strength’ peaking at 440,000 men, it was far from a small undertaking. Most people will have heard of the disastrous Siege of Kut, but less well known is that before and after were extremely successful campaigns. Most of the troops serving in Mesopotamia were India…

From Gaza to Jerusalem: The Palestine Campaign of 1917 - Stuart Hadaway


On Wednesday 9th of August we welcome Stuart Hadaway to our Hornchurch venue to present his talk on the Palestine campaign in 1917. This talk will look at the three battles for Gaza and the push on to Jerusalem in December. This talk will include reference to the 54th (Eastern) Division, in which four battalions of the Essex Regiment served as 161 …