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8 February 1917 :  2nd Lieut. William Farthing


Parents Frederick Farthing and Maud (née Gidley)  Williams was educated at Plymouth Grammar School. Age 18 William he had a job as a railway clerk where his father was an Inspector. He was the younger of four, with two older sisters, Winnifred and Ethel, in their early twenties, each in turn a teacher and a telephonist and Frederick, living away…

The Raid on Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool : 16 December 1914


Much has been written about the German naval raid on the East Coast on 16 December 1914. A lot of this has concentrated on the raid on Scarborough. Two other towns were hit in this raid, which took place on 16 December 1914, being Whitby and Hartlepool. The German vessels were commanded by Admiral Hipper.  Admiral Franz Ritter von Hipper He co…

'One Man’s War in East Africa' with Richard Pullen


East Africa, the forgotten front, told by Harold Downs DCM, a lad from Hull who was conned into joining the RGA by the recruiting Sgt. He ended up in Africa, six months away from the army postal service, with little food, lions all around and a trail of broken down vehicles littering Africa behind them as they searched for Von Lettow Vorbeck and hi…