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31 October 1916 : Sgt James Sandeman Cunningham


James Cunningham emigrated to Canada, where he was employed as a chartered accountant in MontrĂ©al at the time of the outbreak of war. James enlisted into the Canadian Army at MontrĂ©al on 31 July 1915 initially into the 13th Royal Highlanders of Canada, but he transferred to the 73rd Bn CEF upon embarking for overseas service at the end of 1915…

Cyrus Peck, Piper Paul and the Canadian Scottish at Amiens


This article looks at one battalion's action on 8 August 1918, and is largely based on a chapter of the battalion's history by H.M.Urquhart, published in 1932. The battalion in question was the 16th Battalion, CEF the Canadian Scottish, a 'kilted' battalion which was led for a large part of the war by Lt-Col Cyrus Peck. It is fair to say he had str…