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'Naval 8 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service' by Colin Buxton


Colin Buxton, 208 Squadron’s official historian, will be giving a presentation on Naval 8 Squadron, RNAS, during the Great War. 

AGM Meeting followed by 'RFC/RNAS to the RAF 1918' with Ian Massey


After the AGM, Ian Massey will give a talk on the RFC and RNAS as they became the RAF in 1918.    IMAGE: Officers and S.E.5a Scouts of No. 1 Squadron, RAF at Clairmarais aerodrome near Ypres. IWM Q12063

'The Zeebrugge Raid 23rd April 1918' by Clive Harris


Image sources: Wikimedia Commons The Zeebrugge Raid was an ambitious British combined arms attempt to block the Belgium port of Bruges/Zeebrugge, by scuttling blockships in the canal leading to the port. The port was a prime British target because it was used by the Imperial German Navy as a U-boat base, threatening Allied control of the Channel a…