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Major 'Alastair' Soutar, M.C.


One of the well known 'classic' accounts of the First World War is 'Twelve Days' published in 1933 (and more recently republished as 'Twelve Days on the Somme') by Sidney Rogerson, an officer on the staff of 23 Infantry Brigade (part of the 8th Division). Less well known is his second book, about his experiences in May 1918 on the Aisne. This accou…

The British Invasion or 'The Western Front without the Trenches'


[This article first appeared in Bulletin No. 117  Pages 21-24. Western Front Association members received both this magazine and Stand To! three times a year as part of their membership package.] The now shuttered ‘Sandy’s Cycle Shop and Books’ was tucked into an out-of-the-way corner of the Leaside Business Park. But visibility, or rather invisib…